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Shy Girl Heterochromia Drawing
This is another drawing based on a previous one but this time more out of my head rather than references. I wanted to try more with adding just a hint of colour. The semi-nervous expression just sort of happened as I was experimenting and I decided to go with it. Heterochromia has always been something I find really pretty and with a few other people doing drawings with it lately, it was fresh in my mind. I feel like this is the girl I always imagine in my head. The sweater pattern was also fun so it was duplicated in this picture. I hope everyone enjoys it!

*Also due to some weird colour settings that I'm still trying to right, there may be a few edits to the colours as I figure things out*
So I just realized that I have never checked of "notify my watchers" on any of my submissions... so now to fix that.
John Wick Drawing
I got bored and decided to sketch Keanu Reeves in his role in my current favourite movie, John Wick. I think this is one of my best drawings at the moment. This is another drawing I did to kill time during a lecture. I just used a standard HB mechanical pencil. Any feedback is much appreciated. More to come!
Future Exo Soldiers - Castle
It's been a while since I posted anything, mostly due to finals... and laziness, so here's something I've been putting off for months now. An old drawing redone. These are operators from my "fantasy" tier 1 unit. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out, especially my custom rifle! This piece became increasingly inspired by Oscar Johansson's "Castle" animations. I strongly recommend that anyone interested in military or dark fantasy check out his work. While working on this, I've been listening to the song used in the credits of one of his animations:… Though I'm not typically a fan of metal, it's great for the appropriate atmosphere!

I took heavy inspiration for my world from Oscar Johansson's "Castle" animation series. It was one of my childhood favourites and still is. There is a really obvious reference to his work in the picture. Any other fans out there? My version uses the same premise of the military, having developed a portal to another dimension, searching for a new source of energy to satiate humanity's demands. Where it differs, however, is in the world itself. Rather than being more or less a wasteland populated only by dark creatures and powerful entities, it has a living population with technology close to the medieval era. Starting off as a joke, it developed based on my Tom Clancy-style military fantasy versus the "standard fantasy setting". This military unit also operates with the intent of remaining unseen, and following the few instances where they were seen (often with cloaking tech much like Advanced Warfare or Ghost Recon), the local population assumed them to be some sort of supernatural beings or even demons. It may be dumb but it's fun to have my own setting to develop. 
BCM ''Lefty'' Shooter Drawing
I need practice with digital work and, as much as I'd like to draw things out of m head, I don't really learn anything that way. It's better that I replicate an image until I know enough to do my own things from scratch. So here is a drawing I did using a promotional image from BCM of a southpaw shooter. Again, the AN-PEQ-15 was excanged for a DBAL-A2. I opted out of the killhouse style background in favour of some random, dumb shapes. First purely digital painting I've done in a while. Hope someone enjoy it.

Listened to some Five Finger Death Punch to get into the right mood. =)
No clue if anyone reads this shit but, for the benefit of the one or so person, I know I haven't uploaded anything in a while. I want to keep up with it but I have had little to no motivation to do any drawings of late. The best I have are constant pencil sketches but I don't tend to upload those. I still have very little skill with colouring and nowhere to learn properly so it still seems like work until I get the finished product and I don;t want my hobby to feel grueling so I stop when I get bored or frustrated. Just felt I should explain that I haven't abandoned the account. Haha

On a side note, does anyone know of a user whose name is Michele McLean? (no clue what her account name is) Not really important but I knew her from grade 9 and I'd just like to see what she has been drawing as she is the first person to tell me about this site. All I know is that she draws anime characters... like everyone else on here...


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As Ben "yahtzee" Croshaw once said, "I'm a man who's not afraid to look his enemy square in the eye... through the scope of a high powered rifle from the next town over...".


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